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Informative, portable, memory joggers, advertising and sometimes even collectable, business cards are one of the best business marketing tools you have at your disposal. These tiny pieces of card can make a world of difference to your business. Small but packing a punch a business card is something you need even in the digital driven age we live in. Digital this and digital that are all well and good but that card can slip into a pocket, a wallet or a purse and it’s there for future reference.


A bad business card will end up in the bin but a good business card will stay in a wallet or purse as people want to keep your contact details. A good business card will stand out and dare to be different from the rest so you need to be creative and brave with your design. There are a lot of online printers that will give you templates and ideas for cards but do you want to follow the crowd and risk looking like thousands of other business cards? Probably not so what you need is more unique designs for a more memorable end product.


The quality of the card might not seem as important as the design and layout but it is possibly more important. Cutting costs on the quality of card is not always a good move because as soon as people pick up a card they form an impression. A wafer thin card that will scrunch up when it’s put in a wallet or purse is no use and will be consigned to the bin in record time. A more substantial card will send out a message that you value quality and care what customers think.


The finish on business cards also makes a difference, an uncoated and plain card could have the colours bleeding onto sweaty hands and that’s not the kind of mark you want to make! Coated silk finishes will be colourfast and apart from anything else they feel better to the touch, which might not be your planned outcome but it can make a difference. Double sided business cards give you the opportunity to give the critical information such as company name and contact details along with other important information without the card looking cramped and untidy.


A bad business card gives you zero impact and therefore zero follow up from potential customers. An excellent business card will have people ringing for more information, asking questions and ultimately becoming customers. Think of your business cards as your silent stealthy advertising weapon, licence to make a killing, make it your mission to get some better business cards now.



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Confucius says… .

Confucius is often quoted today because what he had to say is still relevant today. That is immortality of a kind considering he was born in 551 BC which let’s face it is one heck of a long time ago! He had many many words of wisdom and they still inspire. Take these few quotes as a for instance:-


Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.


He who will not economise will have to agonise. Continue reading

Roll Up Banners Belfast

The team at Kaizen Print, Belfast have outdone themselves again. Bringing hundreds of extremely well designed and printed Roll Up Banners to life is not an easy task, but for these printers, it seems to be a walk in the park.

This week on their blog they showcase a huge pile of boxes due to be shipped out to businesses across the country for use in a province wide marketing campaign. It truly is a great sight to see such a young and small family owned business doing so well.

Searching online for banner stands brings up a huge variety of stands, different types, sizes and prices. Choosing the right stand for you can be a difficult task. Some people will simply find the cheapest available option, other may spend hours online searching for the right option.

In this post I will try and describe the various options of roller banners in the range we offer.

Economy roller banners

Our economy roller banner is the cheapest stand we offer. Designed for short term use. The panel is printed to the same high quality as the rest of our stands, but is inserted into a light weight roller mechanism. Unfortunately this means that this stand can be susceptible to tilting and it won’t survive frequent long term use.

Choose this stand if you have a one day event when you have a limited budget. You will receive a well printed graphic and this stand is so low cost that it can simply be thrown away when the event is over.

Budget roller banners

This banner stand is a low cost but good quality stand. It is tough enough to be used more than once and is supplied in a padded carry case. Unlike the Economy stand our budget banner has a heavier more stable base which ensures the stand won’t tip or lean forward.

Printed in full colour and supplied with a choice of printed panel – low cost PVC banner or a laminated lightstop panel this stand is a great value good quality option for a range of uses. Ideal for exhibitions, presentations, shop displays or show room displays this stand can be re-used with confidence.

Premium Roller banners

The premium banner is one of our quality stands. Using a one piece heavy weight base without turn out feet, this is a stable attractive stand. Use this stand for press days, photo opportunities, exhibition displays and for any occasion where presentation and quality is important.

Exclusive Roller Banner

Using a similar, but heavier weight stand as our premium stands, the exclusive stand is our highest quality roller banner offering. A really good quality display stand, very similar to the popular barracuda stand. Use our exclusive banner for the most prestigious events and exhibitions, presentation backdrops or TV opportunities.

Explore our full range of banner stands or call us for more help and advise on what is best for you.



PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid 18-3224 intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination.

It’s that time of year again, you know, the time when Pantone, the authority on all things colour, selects a colour of the year.  This year’s colour is Radiant Orchid! Personally I love it and can see it integrating into many of our customers forthcoming Valentines Day flyers and posters.

Whats you’re thoughts on it?


Flyer Printing Services

Flyer printing services can benefit businesses, organizations and individuals. Flyers are an excellent form of advertisement and can have many uses. The method of printing information on single pieces of paper has proved to be quite effective over the years. 

Indeed, flyers are commonplace and almost every organization or entrepreneur can take advantage of the relatively inexpensive way of getting the word out. People can easily make their own paper ads, however, occasionally necessity requires more for production than one has the means to supply, which is when printing services prove to be important.

The most effective form of advertisement occurs as a result of marketing strategies. Good planning and wise decision making often yield the best results. Satisfactory results can be gained by incorporating the use of flyer printing services. Many people have an idea of what an ideal would like a flyer to look like and what information that needs to be conveyed, however, no ideas are to be had for how to incorporate the information into a medium that catches the eye and cause people to pay attention. Flyers make sense as they can be placed almost anywhere, such as on public bulletin boards such as those in supermarkets, stuffed in doors by people who traverse neighborhoods, placed on cars, posted in shops or cafes, any place that is frequented by the kind of people that one is trying to reach.
Occasionally people have needs that require attention from a large audience base but perhaps do not have the means to achieve the desired effect. For this reason, many places offer cheap flyer printing. Those familiar with the Internet can find a lot of information into various details and price quotes for large orders. Printing costs can add up, especially with one page advertisements in full color or with a substantial amount of information. Customers who are in the market for inexpensive manufacturing should compare prices from several different flyer printing services to find the best deal and the most efficient way of meeting whatever needs they might possess. 
Flyers are used for many purposes, chiefly as advertisements but also, notices. The single pieces of paper are commonly seen on telephone poles or street signs bearing information on a garage sale or about a lost dog. The single page pieces can be found stuffed in newspapers or attached to mailboxes, anyplace that guarantees people will actually pay attention. The single pieces of paper are ideal for spreading news and information among large groups, as they can be handed out directly to passerby without much effort. Hopefully those who receive the information will pay heed; unfortunately, more often than not a single piece of paper will be quickly discarded without a second thought. This is one reason why cheap flyer printing can be a very good investment, as a customer would not want to lose more money than they spent in have the advertisements created.
Before someone goes out and has hundreds of flyers printed up, there are a few tips that should be kept in mind. First of all, to be the most effective, a person needs to discern what types of people they are trying to reach, in other words, formulate a target audience. The benefit of have a target audience is that a message will have more impact if designed to reach a group with common interests or needs. Once an audience type has been established, one must decide on a message that will say what they want and still be unique and attention grabbing. After a message and image has been established, printing is the next step. Customers can seek out flyer printing services and gain insight into methods and prices that are geared towards custom orders.
The point of having effective advertisement is for people to notice and begin to think about special offers, services, sales, events and so on. They eye is naturally attracted to color, so full color advertisements are the way to go in many cases. Prints fashioned with color are superior to black and white; however such prints do tend to be costlier, simply due to the ink required for creation. The costs are evaluated by the amount, size of the order, and the date of which the order needs to be completed. There are a few services that offer next day results, or promise that the end products completion will occur in no more than three to six business days. People who desire full color prints at relatively low costs would be apt to consider perusing the Internet for insight into the best deals available. There are quite a few cheap flyer printing methods available over the World Wide Web where on occasion, better deals can be found than at stand alone stores. Continue reading


If you’re not on our mailer, firstly shame on you! Secondly you won’t have seen our closing dates for the christmas period and equally important, our January offers. So in the effort of ensuring everyone who visits the Kaizen website this Christmas break, knows when we’re back in operation, I will outline the bits and pieces below.–january-offers/

We close early on Tuesday 24th December and we return to work on Monday 6th January. Unfortunately over the break, we will not have any print capacity as we are commencing on the second phase of building work to the new office and so we are going to use this opportunity to completely relax over the Christmas period, to ensure we give you the best service throughout all of 2014.

From all the staff at Kaizen, thank you so much for your business throughout 2013 and we look forward to helping you grow your business next year.

Speaking of which, we’re taking 20% off our PVC banners in January and looking after your flyer printing requirements with a super offer on 1000 next day flyers, now only £80.

See you next year.

Gold-embossed business cards created for Clement, Hawn, against rules: documents

At least two more key Conservatives got gold-embossed business cards, contrary to long-standing government rules against fancy stationery.

Tony Clement was given his gold cards shortly after being promoted to Treasury Board president in the May 2011 cabinet shuffle, following the election of a Conservative majority.

And colleague Laurie Hawn, an Edmonton MP appointed temporarily to a cabinet committee looking at cost-cutting, got his own set of gold-embossed cards at the same time. Continue reading

‘Shares can survive the end of money-printing’

I remember a time when shares used to go up without major central banks creating new money to keep things positive. Since the crash of 2007-8 we have grown used to the Fed, the Bank of England and even the European Central Bank undertaking special measures to increase the amount of money in circulation.

They have joined the Bank of Japan, which has been a keen exponent of prolonged quantitative easing (QE) since the country’s big collapse at the end of the Eighties. Now many in the share markets seem to think shares can go up only if central banks keep on with special measures. Continue reading

Fair Work plumbs union’s $500,000 spending on printing and postage

An unprecedented half-million-dollar outlay on printing and postage in one year by the Victorian plumbers union is under scrutiny in a wider probe of the union’s meddling in the affairs of the scandal-plagued Health Services Union.

The Fair Work Commission is examining the Plumbing Trades Employees Union’s 2013 accounts as part of preliminary inquiries into the union’s support for the Bill Shorten-aligned Diana Asmar in the bitter Victorian HSU poll in late 2012. Ms Asmar was elected on a promise of ending outside meddling in the troubled health union. Continue reading

Flextown enables digital sharing through NFC business cards

Danish startup Flextown has begun offering an NFC business card service worldwide, allowing consumers to share portfolios of work, videos and other digital content as well as contact details via NFC, QR or Apple’s AirDrop service.

“Flextown enables you to give a complete introduction — who you are, what you can offer and who you represent,” the firm’s CEO and co-founder Oliver Vassard tells NFC World. “It’s a marketing platform that lets you share all your social media, PDFs, presentations, documents, music, pictures and videos the minute you meet potential business partners.” Continue reading